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TOOLPACK INDUSTRIAL PHONE PROTECTION, Protect the workers’ mobile phone during any job ! 

* Protects mobile devices against scratches, moister and dirt
* Fits most mobile phones until 5″
* Prevents mobile devices from fall, loss and theft 
* Always mobile phone directly within arm’s reach  
* Hands free working and easy access
* The perfect combination of tools and phone carrying 

* Most essential tools and mobile device efficiently organized
* Light weight and comfortable carrying 
* Can be easily attached to most waist belts or (working) pants
* Weather resistant and highly durable
* Can improve improve the worker’s visibility
* Improves the productivity
* Suitable for the professional and DIY worker 
* Also suitable for leisure activities 

For more product details, features and photo’s of the ToolPack phone protection concept: please click the following link : Phone Protection – Toolvizion
Best regards, ToolVizion/EverBright