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Dear valued business partner,

Tools are an investment, and to carry them easily, keeping them well organized and safely stored, is the first priority of every professional or DIY-worker.

Next to the traditional tool bags, Toolvizion has developed different innovative models of ToolPack tote tool bags. All tote tool bags are made of highly durable weather resistant polyester with integrated metal carrying bars and additional shoulder belts. The heavy duty hard rubber bottom dots and closing covers provides extra protection against moisture, dirt and verious weahter conditions. Thanks to the use of metal rivets at the various pressure points, load-bearing capacity and quality are always guarenteed. 

All ToolPack tote tool bags provide maximum storage capacity. The large multi-use models are perfectly suitable to carry and use to any job site. The more compact models can be perfect for working at heights. The additional reflective stripes will improve the workers’ visibility. 

For more product information and photos, please check the specific model on this website via :

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