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Dear valued business partner,

The days are getting shorter and weather conditions get more worse  ! That is why TVZ developed ToolPack Hi-Visibility !  

ToolPack Hi-Vis products are especially designed for those who want to improve their visibility and organize/carry their tools & accessories at the same time. It will allows wearers to be seen by oppostie drivers/workers much sooner and more readily. As the human eye responds best to large, contrasting and bright colored objects, ToolPack Hi-Vis can increase safety during working, driving or walking in low-light and dark conditions.

All ToolPack Hi-vis models are made of made of weather resistant (ultra-bright) durable materials with added reflective markings and stripes. When the reflective stripes are caught by light, they will light-up in dark areas and weather conditions and will boost the workers’ visibility on the job site and during transportation. When wearing or using ToolPack Hi-Vis products it will keeps workers be seen at day and night time. ToolPack Hi-Vis is perfectly suitable for : construction & road workers, builders but also for simple daily use and leisure times. 

The new 2020 Hi-Vis stock program consists of various models of Tool bags, Back-packs, Tool belts, Working caps and more. 

For more product information and photos, please check the specific model on this website via :
Toolvizion is looking forward to make you a new delivery soon !