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Dear valued business partner,

Please be informed the following face protection items will be directly available from Holland stock : 

  • CE-EN149 FFP2 Particle filtering face masks, “Seto” TVZ ref. 382.475
  • CE-EN166 Heavy duty face shield “Sendai”, TVZ ref. 364.029
  • CE-EN166 Smart face shield “Kobe”, TVZ ref. 364.049
  • CE-EN166 Regular face shield “Saitama”, TVZ ref. 364.048
  • CE-EN166 Stylish protection glasses “Sapporo”, TVZ ref. 364.031
  • CE-EN166 Easy-fit protection glasses “Osaka”, TVZ ref. 364.042
  • CE-EN166 Easy-fit protection glasses “Kyoto”, TVZ ref. 364.043
  • CE-EN166 Multi-use protection goggles “Yokohama”, TVZ ref. 364.04

All above mentioned PPE products are produced according the actual valid EN norms and will provide optimum
face protection and
can reduce the risk of possible injuries and virus infections. EU-type approval certificates are available upon request. 

More product information and photos can be found per particular item on this website via :
Toolvizion is looking forward to make you a new delivery soon !