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Dear valued business partner,
In strict cooperation with our Spanish manufacterer, TVZ is introducing exclusively : “The Touch-It”

The Touch-It is a smart Anti-bacterial multi-use touching tool, especially designed and manufactered for hygienic pulling, pushing, tipping and carrying ! Anti-microbial ingredients have been added during the production process which will reduce the presence of bacteria on the surface with over 90% during use. The compact and light weight Touch-It works as a finger tip or carrying tool and is the perfect solution to use in hygiene conscious environments.  It will not damage any surfaces and fits easily in almost any pocket or bag. 

The Touch-It is available in the standard colors : Black, blue, green and orange. All other colors can be produced upon request. The Touch it can be sold as a retail-item including blister-card but can also perfectly used with a logo as premium or gift item. The Touch-it is not a stock item and will be produced per individual order. The average delivery time will be ca. 2 weeks.

* The Touch-It does not protect against infections, but is the perfect hygenic alternative for direct hand-contact with surfaces that are touched by many people and can therefore be a higher risk of transmissions. This multi-use touch & carrying tool is appicable for all these surfaces and will minimize the risk of possible infections. The Touch-It is made of Anti-bacterial Polypropylene. By adding anti-microbial ingredients during the PP production process, the surface of the Touch-It will reduce the presence and shorten the life of pathogenic bacteria with over 90%. The Touch-It is perfectly suitable to use in : 
– Public facilities when : operating light switches, pressing elevator buttons, opening and closing doors and windows, Pressing ATMs, card readers and ticket machines. Pressing door buttons in train and subway stations. Opening car doors, Carrying food packaging and bags, such as water bottles and juice packs.
– Public toilets when : press the toilet flush, open and close the taps, press the hand dryer.
– Offices when : depending on the type of handles, opening and closing doors, drawers, filing cabinets. Operation of keyboards, photo copiers, telephones, scanners, and more…

We are looking forward to make you a new and anti-bacterial delivery soon,
Toolvizion Internatioal B.V.  / Everbright Consultancy Ltd.