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The mobile phone of every worker is nowadays an essential part of their personal equipment. To protect mobile devices during the job, Toolvizion developed under their ToolPack brand a smart and functional range of phone protectors. The new 2020 ToolPack phone protection models feature :   

– Large padded pockets which offer full screen protection  
– Strong Polyester and/or PVC material which protect against most weather conditions
– Metal belt clips and/or belt loops which can be attached to any working belt or pocket 
– Hands free working and easy access
– Your mobile device always within arm’s reach  
– Most essential hand tools in combination with phone protection 
– The added Hi-vis reflective stripes will improve the visibility 
– The added elastic lanyards with carabiner hook prevents from fall, loss and theft
– Fits most smart phones upto 5″ screen
– Suitable for the professional and DIY-worker  

You can find more specifications and photos of the full Phone protection concept on this website via :