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ToolPack tool storage and carrying : 
– Efficient organizing and comfortable carrying 
– Improves the worker’s visibility
– Hands free working and easy and quick acces  
– Weather and dirt resistant   
ToolPack professional measuring tapes : 
– Milimeter precission measuring according CE accuracy class II 
– Extreme bright neon colored steel nylon coated blade for super clear reading on all surfaces 
– Double sided blade graduation for easy horizontal and smooth vertical measuring  
– Anti-shock & anti-slip grip, extra long blade stand-out
– Auto-lock system with large lock button for controlled blade retraction  

QF professional digital caliper : 
– Metric and/or imperial precision measuring 
– Stainless steel reading block & base
– Higly durable and extreme weather resistant  
QW Safety cutting : 
– Smooth and easy precission cutting 
– Will minimize the risk of possible cutting injuries 
– When using the self-retraction function, the blades slides in automatically 
– Comfortable grip and easy to use